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The current ICHA work on the continent of Africa can be traced back to its origins in Lesotho in 1973. Since that time, the work has expanded into South Africa and is thriving today under the leadership of 

missionaries and national church leaders.


The work in Lesotho, Africa, begin under the leadership of The Church of the Bible Covenant. Around 1973, Roger and Sonja Rehfeldt went as missionaries to that field. When their original plan to go to Malawi fell through, the Rehfeldts came to Lesotho and started a very successful medical clinic around Maseru while also taking trips into South Africa to minister.

When the ICHA started in 1986, the Rehfeldts joined the new group and served as their missionaries thus beginning ICHA's involvement in the work. John and Mae Rossman, the Tsikane Phekos, and the Rehfeldts labored together in Lesotho and began working in South Africa near where our campground is today.

At one point the Rehfeldts needed to build a house in South Africa for the mission work. The ICHA was in one of our first camps at Silver Heights, KY. When an appeal was made for $20,000.00 to build the house, the Lord’s Spirit moved in a miraculous way and God’s people gave generously until the goal was surpassed.


Later, Paul and Doris Cook moved from California to help in South Africa and ended up staying for

many years (1990 – 2007) even serving as the overseer of the work. Paul Cook had labored as a

printer in California. He printed 3,000,000 tracts in different languages at the print shop at the

mission station in South Africa.


In more recent years, Darrel and Tonda Miller have been serving as missionaries and have done a

great work. Brother Miller has preached and helped to build churches as well as oversee the field.

They are greatly loved by the people there. Sister Rachel Cutler, a young and single lady who had been born in Lesotho, went back to work among children there for the ICHA. Tragically, Rachel was taken to heaven in a vehicle accident on  November 17, 2015, not long after she moved back to Lesotho.


Sister Kayla Slayton has felt called of God to move to Lesotho and labor among the children there. As

of this writing she is under appointment by the Association and is spending some weeks in Lesotho.

We plan to commission her during Family Camp meeting in Greenfield, Indiana in June of 2019.


                                                Bro. & Sis. John Whitaker are currently serving as our Field Coordinators

                                                for South Africa and Lesotho. Brother Teboho Ngchaka is the National

                                                President of the ICHA work in South Africa. Despite being blind he is

                                                capably serving as the leader of the churches there.

Darrel & Tonda Miller

The Ngchakas

The Whitakers



The current ICHA work in Honduras began with the work of the Hall family in 1973. With central and satellite churches in several areas, the work is still going strong today under the leadership of National President, Luis Miranda.


In 1973, John Wesley Hall and his wife Patricia went to the country of Honduras to begin a work for the Church of the Bible Covenant. Prior to their arrival in Honduras, they had labored in the country of Cuba until Fidel Castro overthrew the government and Cuba became a communist nation. The Halls moved to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, rented a house and began a church. John played an accordion and would go into a neighborhood and play it outside to draw people in. Then they would announce a church service for next the Sunday.


The main ICHA church in San Pedro Sula once housed a tavern. John Hall talked to the tavern owner and told him he felt like God wanted him to start a church there where the tavern was. The owner agreed to sell the building and property to him and the church was born. Subsequently, Brother Hall met Argentina Garcia - current pastor of the church - and her mother and they started attending this new church. Others begin attending also including Rafael Hernandez, the first convert of the Halls' work. At one point when the river had flooded, Brother Rafael swam a swollen river to check on his missionary because there was no other way to get to them.


John Wesley Hall built churches on a “Spoke” system starting with a central church and then developing satellite churches around it. At one point Brother Hall had over 100 churches in Honduras. The Halls were used of God to do a great work in this Central American country. The ICHA formed in November, 1986. Rev. Hall joined the Association within just a few months.



Luis Miranda began to serve as National Church President with the Pacto Biblico Conservadora at its

beginning with the ICHA and has continued until today. Missionaries who have served with us besides

the Halls include Paul and Cindy Easley, Brady and Mary Duren and Stephen and Yvonne Delong.

Many ICHA laypeople and ministers have taken short term mission’s trips to Honduras. We have

hosted eye clinics with Dr. David Holliday and Dr. Mark Roark. Today the churches are operated with

a National Board and President in conjunction with an ICHA Field Coordinator - current Coordinator

Barry Whitaker. The Lord has done a great work among the ICHA churches in Honduras and we look

for tremendous days ahead.

The Whitakers

General Board, Honduras


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